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Medaille College integrates community involvement into the curriculum at each stage of a student’s learning experience. Through the multidimensional learning experience created by Project EQUIP, our undergraduate academic framework, Medaille students prepare to meet the complex economic and civic challenges of the 21st century. In every way, Medaille College EQUIPs students for success.

Implementation of Project EQUIP is supported by a generous grant from The John R. Oishei Foundation, 2010-2012.


Center for Community-Based Learning

The Medaille College Center for Community-Based Learning fosters and supports learning that links the classroom with the community in an effort to enhance students’ real-world problem-solving skills, promote students’ civic engagement, and advance a civic and sustainable future in Buffalo, the region, and the world.

To support Project EQUIP’s unique community-based learning environment on the Buffalo campus, the Center for Community-Based Learning provides services and resources to faculty, students, and community-based organizations. 

Community-Based Learning Activities Tracker

FACULTY & STAFF: Are you doing community-based learning? Medaille needs to know! Please take a few minutes to fill out this brief survey with your information



The Center for Community-Based Learning provides a range of services and resources to help you as you develop your ideas, seek appropriate community connections, manage the logistics associated with your community-based learning endeavor, reflect with your students on their experiences, and assess at the project’s completion. Resources related to community-based learning course planning and pedagogy can be found here.

  •  Assistance identifying and connecting with community-based organizations for service learning or community-based learning projects.
  • Collaborating with you to adapt your syllabus, create reflection assignments, and develop rubrics to assess community-based learning experiences.
  • Securing topical guest speakers from nonprofits for in-class presentations.
  • Preparing for service-learning and cultural sensitivity workshops for students prior to engaging in community-based learning experiences.
  • Assistance coordinating the logistics of community-based learning projects.
  • Gathering and storing community-based learning data.
  • Forms to use with your students during community-based learning experiences.
  • Video cameras capable of shooting high-definition video and stills, along with tripods.

To get started, email or call (716) 566-3083


Community-Based Organizations

At Medaille, we recognize that the most valuable community-based learning projects frequently arise from the needs and assets of the community and of the agencies serving the community. To that end, the Director of the Center for Community-Based Learning is enthusiastic about meeting with you to develop and enhance community-based learning project ideas. To get started, email or call (716) 566-3083.



Throughout your coursework, you will be challenged by community-based learning projects that will expand your personal development, help you apply your knowledge, and build your portfolio of marketable skills.

If you are interested in community service outside of your coursework or other kinds of involvement activities, you may follow up with Carol Cullinan, Director of Career Planning, or Melisa Williams, Director of Student Involvement and Multicultural Education & Diversity.